The fastest ways to clean your home before the weekend

Say no to spending your days off scrubbing with these quick cleaning tips

Isn’t it nice to have a fresh clean home all the time? Okay, ‘all the time’ may be a stretch (unless you have a live-in housekeeper) but it is possible to have a tidy home every day of the week. You just need to know the ways to clean a little each day so the clutter and grime doesn’t add up.
We know time is an issue. We’re all so busy that finding 15 minutes a day to clean up is tough. But, if you can spare a few minutes every day, it’ll save you hours on the weekend – a time when you could be relaxing or doing something fun with friends or family.
Check-out these cleaning tips that will have your house or apartment looking and feeling fresh everyday so you won’t have to do housework on your days off.

Quick Ways to Clean A Little Each Day

1. If you use it, put it away

The number one tip to preventing clutter is if you use something, put it away. If you have a cup of tea after the dishes are done – wash it, dry it and put it in the cupboard. This really only takes a minute or so and it’ll save you time later on. The same policy goes with books, magazines, beauty products, food items….whatever you’re using.

Tidy cleaning tip: Invest in a nice wicker clothes hamper for your bedroom to hide away dirty clothing.

2. Keep cleaning cloths handy

One of the best ways to keep a bathroom sink and vanity clean is by keeping a cleaning rag nearby. Have a cloth folded up under the sink or in the corner of the bathtub that will allow you to grab it and wipe out the sink and dry the vanity top after each use. Replace cloth every other day.

Hygienic cleaning tip: Never use the same cloth on the toilet.

3. Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a sink full of dirty dinner dishes. Set a household policy that the dishes must be washed before retiring. If you have a dishwasher, load it and turn it on and you’ll wake up to clean, dry dishes.

4. Learn to multi-task

After working all day, you deserve a little time in front of the TV. Catching up on your favourite Netflix series or reality dating show is a great time to combine with household duties like folding the washing, or dusting the shelves and furniture. You can even vacuum or sweep one room during the ads or pause your device every 15 minutes to get small chucks of housework done.

5. Shower power

Cleaning the shower has got to be the most time-consuming job in the house, especially if it’s not done regularly. To save a big job every week, keep a squeegee in the shower and dry the walls after each use. This daily practise will keep your shower dry, which will also help prevent mould and mildew, as well as soap scum build-up.

Another way to clean the shower efficiently is to keep a spray bottle of your favourite cleanser in the shower. This way, you just need to grab a cloth when you enter to get a shower, spray the walls and glass before or after you clean yourself and squeegee dry before you exit.

Cautionary cleaning tip: Do not use a heavy chemical-based spray when using this method as you’ll damage your skin and lungs.

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6. Freshen the air

There’s nothing nicer than the fragrance of fresh citrus or floral scents to make a room smell and feel clean. Fresh cut lemons, sprigs of lavender, your favourite flowers, a bunch of heady herbs, and bowls of oranges all give off beautiful scents. And forget about ozone-murdering synthetic room sprays. It’s easy to make your own and you can get creative with different aromas.

How to make ozone-friendly spray air freshener

  • You’ll need:

  • a glass or plastic spray bottle with removable nozzle

  • filtered water (or spring water)

  • rubbing alcohol (Vodka also works a treat)

  • good quality essential oils

  • Method:

  • fill the bottle ¾ with water and ¼ with rubbing alcohol

  • add a few drops (about 10 drops per 60ml bottle) of essential oil or a mix of oils to create your bespoke room spray

  • shake well to combine and spray

Next level cleaning tip: Use rose water instead of filtered water

7. Make a cleaning schedule

Invest 15 – 20 minutes* a day to keeping your home clean and tidy by making a daily schedule.
*depends on the size of tour house and family

Weekly tasks:

  • Monday: dust shelves and furniture

  • Tuesday: sweep or vacuum and mop two rooms and/or do 1 load of laundry

  • Wednesday: sweep or vacuum and mop two rooms

  • Thursday: laundry including folding and putting away

  • Friday: sweep and mop kitchen, clear old food from fridge

  • Saturday: bed linen changes and laundry

  • Sunday: shower, toilet and bathroom floor

Daily tasks:

  • Wash and dry dishes

  • Wipe and dry kitchen bench-tops and stovetop

  • Put dirty clothing in hamper

  • Used it? Put it away

  • Wipe and dry bathroom vanity

  • Squeegee shower walls

There are many ways to clean your home but you’ll need the time (and energy) to do it.

Hiring professional cleaners not only keeps your home clean but it also gives you some extra headspace. Instead of worrying about finding the time to clean every day or every week, you’ll rest assured that trained and trusted professionals will be on the job.

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